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Audition Advice From The Judges of SYTYCD

What You Need To Know To Get On SYTYCD
Advice from:
Tyce Diorio
Eliana + Chehon ’12 winners
Alex Wong
Allison Holker
After attending SYTYCD Experience (and taking an obscene amount of notes) I learned an insane amount of information from all these professionals. 
Lesson 1
Have a definite presence when coming on stage and be confident.
Don’t let yourself get lost in the thousands of other dancers auditioning! Come on stage already performing, music or no music.
Lesson 2
Be present the entire time you’re onstage.
Choose a piece you identify with and don’t let yourself become glassy eyed while you perform. Don’t check out while you dance, act out your piece. 
Lesson 3
Pick the right song and dance.
You don’t need technique or flexibility when you know the piece, find its meaning within yourself and act it out. Get in character and come on stage and perform with truth and reality. You need the right music so you can identify with it in your audition. You need the right dance to show only your strengths. 
Lesson 4
Show no weakness.
Showing your emotion is not weakness. Showing that your turn out is terrible while auditioning is weakness. Highlight your strengths and never expose your weaknesses while auditioning. Find a way to work around your abilities.
Lesson 5
No self worship, no soap operas.
Keep it real, Tyce said that “the truth is dangerous!” Do only what makes your soul move.
These five tips will really assist you in getting noticed by the judges. Remember they see hundreds of dancers at a time, so be yourself! 
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About Merca'e Benge

Mercae Benge (Elite Danse Owner) Merca’e teaches all ages from small child to adults. She places a strong emphasis on technique, pushes her students to succeed, and provides quality education.


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